Lampire Viral Transport Medium

Lampire’s viral transport media formulations support virus research and diagnostics in a wide range of capacities. This includes the collection and transport of viruses, as well as the maintenance and culturing of cells.

Our LAMPIRE VTM is manufactured using the standards provided by the CDC. Applications for this product line include rapid antigen tests, molecular tests, and direct fluorescent antibody tests. We offer research and bulk batch sizes, competitive pricing, and fast lead times to meet your needs. Please see our product list or contact Customer Service for more information.


  • Amies liquid media
  • Beef infusion media
  • CDC Viral Transport Media
  • Customization available


  • Viral collection
  • Viral transport
  • Sample Maintenance
  • Long-term freezer storage
  • Rapid antigen test
  • Direct fluorescent antibody (DFA)
  • Viral culture
  • Molecular tests

COVID-19-specific Viral Transport Media (VTM) are listed and registered with the FDA and comply with the latest FDA guidelines, developed considering the high rates of viral transmission and the enormous challenges of transportation and storage.

Exclusive viral transport media (VTM) that can be collected, transported, and stored at room temperature, solving the main logistical problems.

It keeps the viral sample stable for 72 hours after collection at ROOM TEMPERATURE and, if necessary after these 72 hours, it can be stored for another 3 days in the refrigerator temperature (2 to 8 degrees). It can also be frozen to minus 70 degrees.

Packaged and filled in a tube with an anti-leakage thread system, the system of 3 internal rings in the cap prevents the leakage of biological material, without the possibility of contamination by the user who is handling the sample collected in the tube.

The tube is conical with a flat base, which allows it to be placed on the laboratory bench, without the need for a support shelf.

Packaged in a box with an internal 50-unit shelf, there is no need to purchase an additional shelf to store tubes during collection.


  • FDA and ANVISA listed and registered.
  • Transported and stored at room temperature.
  • The leak-proof tube does not pollute the user.
  • After collection, the sample is kept for up to 3 days at room temperature or 6 days at refrigerator temperature (2 to 8 degrees).

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